Tilian And Jonny Craig Share New Collab Single

A couple of weeks ago, musicians Tilian Pearson (Dance Gavin Dance) and Jonny Craig (formerly Slaves) confirmed they would be releasing a collaborative track together. This news came shortly after they announced a solo tour together along with Kurt Travis (formerly A Lot Like Birds). The new song is titled “Back To Life,” and it’s available to stream below.

“Back To Life” is everything fans can expect from both artists. The song opens with Craig’s unmistakable crooning voice, and Tilian quickly joins in with his smooth vocals. The two of them take turns singing the verses, which are designed to highlight each vocalist’s individual talents. Even with their slightly different singing styles, the musicians make it work.

Purchase “Back To Life” on iTunes. Catch Tilian, Craig and Travis on their tour which kicks off April 22. Tickets are available for purchase through Soundrink.

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