Washington quintet Toarn have signed to Luxor Records. The band will release Giant Killer EP on July 15th. Check out the new song “Flanders Field” below.

Giant Killer EP Track Listing:
1. Flanders Field
2. I Am Not
3. Inverted Cross
4. We Declare War
5. Sin I Know
6. Giant Killer

With members assimilating from all over the western hemisphere at exactly the right time, there was no mistake that Toarn’s inception was meant to be. Justin Wanless (Guitar) and Michael Roberts (Lead Vocals) often spoke of similar taste in heavy music, but they decided to set out and create their own noise for the world to hear.

With influences ranging from across the hardcore and metal spectrums and the additions of Kyle Notan, James Kolstedt & Taylor Cort, the band combine fast-paced, chaotic riffs with a technical proficiency and eerie ambient overlays.

With the upcoming release of Giant Killer EP via Luxor Records, Toarn look to take their buoyant West Coast following national, with new track  “Flanders Field” setting the perfect benchmark, whilst striving to bring a message of hope and salvation to metal fans across North America.



  1. This is awesome! (But you spelled Luxor wrong on the title.)

    Thanks for sharing the good news!

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