Today’s New Noise: ChumHuffer

Welcome to the new year, rockers! New York hardcore band, ChumHuffer, released a new single and video as part of their New Year’s resolution. It’s called “FYNS,” which stands for “Fuck You, Not Sorry” and the video was released by BlankTV yesterday for New Year’s Day.

“FYNS” is classic hardcore track, mixing powerful punk with a sinister melody from the lead guitar and some Jello Biafra-style snide punk vocals. “It’s a call to arms for people to continue to embrace their uniqueness,” says vocalist Shawn Refuse. “Lately, people have been getting shut down for having a difference of opinion. For thinking differently than the status quo. We believe that the world can only get stronger with heated debates and unique points of view. For those who press their ideals on others, we say F**K YOU NOT SORRY.” In that sense, the song is a forceful celebration of uniqueness and rebellion. The video, shot in New York’s Bowery district (where punk began), features the band being stalked and murdered one-by-one by the “pit shark,” a person in a shark costume who has become a staple of the mosh pits at the band’s live shows, making for a fun and hilarious video. Check it out below.

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Photo courtesy of social media.

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