Today’s New Noise: Drunk Mums

Drunk Mums are a garage punk band out of Melbourne, Australia serving up hard-rockin’ party anthems. They just recently put out a new album called Beer Baby via LEGLESS, Gaga Music and Bachelor Records, and the whole thing is streaming right now on their Bandcamp.

Opening on some barely distorted guitar parts, first track “New Australia” soon launches into a classic ’70s-style punk anthem with its simple, straightforward riffs and driving beat. The swaggering vocals, complete with the thick Australian accent, lend a sort of drunken bravado to the lyrics that’s not entirely unlike fellow Aussie punks The Chats. Then “Slippin’ Up” gives us another straight-up ’70s punk riff that could have fit in seamlessly on The Clash’s self-titled debut. “Mutant” picks up with some of the furious speed of early Descendents or Misfits and just a touch of rockabilly in the guitars.

Apocalypse opens on drums alone before the guitars and gang vocals come in to create a sing-along style rock anthem. “Livin’ at Night” throws in just a little bit of a blues twang in the guitar riff, giving a sort of Rolling Stones-esque feel to the song. “Magazines” offers a rollicking guitar part and some half-slurred vocals that are classic ’70s snot-nosed punk. The brief “Not My Dad” plays with sound effects in the beginning and then turns into a classic punk rager with a Sex Pistols-style anger to it. Ending on the shortest track, in true punk fashion, “From the Hip” is just a rip-roaring punk jam with even snottier vocals to give it that real, authentic, early punk feel. Fans of the glorious early days of punk rock will appreciate this fun-filled album.

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Photo courtesy of Drunk Mums

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