Today’s New Noise: ¡Hey Bandit!

¡Hey Bandit! are a a pop-punk band from Mexico. They recently released a new single called “El Día Más Gris,” which translates to “The Grayest Day.” The lyric video for the song is streaming now on YouTube.

I appreciate that this song’s lyrics are in Spanish, as I’m always looking for reasons to practice my Spanish. Mi Español no es muy bueno. But, whether you understand the lyrics or not, you can’t miss the almost emo-style yearning in this song’s vocals. There’s a strong melody in this song, sometimes with a slight hint of Latin to it, that perfectly contrasts with the image in the lyric video of a summer night’s sky. This is a perfectly nostalgic punk rock song for any fan of the classic California pop-punk style. Check out the lyric video below.

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Photo courtesy of ¡Hey Bandit!

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