Today’s New Noise: Huge Puppies

Huge Puppies are a ska-punk band out of Switzerland. They’ve got a new EP called Down coming out on Friday, and their latest single off the album is called, quite eloquently, “Screw You.” The video is up now on YouTube.

The song is a pretty classic mix of alternating straight-forward ska and raging punk, with the lyrics expressing a simple but timeless punk rock statement of non-conformity. The video itself is a fascinating and novel concept. It depicts a man going through his life as a series of three hands come from off-screen to both do everything and control him, forcing him into a routine he’s clearly not happy with, until he finally rebels and starts fighting back against the hands. It’s a creative allegory that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the song and its lyrics.

Check out the video below.

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Photo courtesy of Huge Puppies

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