Today’s New Noise: Major Arcana

Welcome to the working week, rockers! If you’re dreading going back into work because you’re still hungover from your Super Bowl party last night, we’ve got just the track to wake you up. Major Arcana are an alternative-rock/grunge revival band out of New South Wales, Australia. They just put out a new track this past Friday called “Jasper” and the music video for it is streaming right now on YouTube.

Starting out with a short build up, “Jasper” suddenly hits you with loud, crushing guitars and devastating bass lines reminiscent of the earliest work from grunge pioneers (and fellow Australians) Silverchair. The vocals are shouted with a sense of raw emotion and borderline desperation which makes it a deeply cathartic and powerfully moving song. The video, directed by HOLL, utilizes visuals as distorted as the guitars and retro analog technology to create a sense of alienation and yearning while giving a metaphorical depiction of an emotional breakdown through the vivid imagery of broken glass. Check out the powerful music video below.

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Photo courtesy of Major Arcana 

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