Today’s New Noise: MONTE

MONTE is a punk trio out of Brooklyn, New York. We premiered MONTE’s video for their weed-fueled anthem “Canna-Vision” back in January. Now they’re back with a ska-injected new single called “Control” and the video for it is streaming on YouTube.

“Control” is a straight-up throwback to the greatest moments of the third-wave ska revolution in the 1990s. The track is a slick, hooky track that’s infectiously catchyyet keeps a bit of a punk edge to it. The lyrics depict a controlling and demanding girlfriend that vocalist and guitarist Caitlin Montclare says are based on several of her exes, some of her own personality, and a hint of her mom. Thus, who better to play the role of the controlling girlfriend in the video than … a puppet? The use of the puppet, named Veronica, adds a layer of humor into the video that keeps you from taking the song too seriously. It’s just a good, old-fashioned ska-comedy video that’s a lot of fun. Check it out below.

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Photo courtesy of Instagram

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