Today’s New Noise: Pure Trash

Pure Trash are a pop punk band from Colchester, Essex, U.K. They recently put out a new single called “Hitting Home,” and the video for it is streaming on YouTube.

“Hitting Home” is a classic pop punk track with gruff, gravelly vocals, making for a sound like a poppier version of Hot Water Music. The discordant vocals perfectly contrast the catchy as hell music, and highlight the melancholy nature of the lyrics. The video seems to mirror the lyrics as both reflect on the nature of loss and grief, once again in contrast to the pop hooks and beautiful melodies. It’s a complex track that gives you dark lyrics with a spoonful of sugar to make the tough stuff go down easier. Check out the video below, which is directed by Arlo Brown and stars Lilith Soquet.

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Photo courtesy of Instagram

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