Today’s New Noise: Shower Beers

Shower Beers is an amazing band name and an even better band than it is a name. They’re an up-and-coming pop-punk band out of New York who we actually featured back when this was Bandcamp of the Day, but today they just dropped their latest single “London” ft. glimmers, and it’s so good we had to feature them again. It’s now streaming on their Bandcamp, but I recommend picking up both the song and its intro—which are for some reason listed as separate albums on Bandcamp—because you really want to hear the two of them together.

London is a powerful and catchy slice of very modern pop-punk. I don’t know if I’ve heard hyperpop elements in a pop-punk song before, but it works perfectly in this case as the autotune gets cranked up to 11 on the vocals to move punk forward into 2024. It’s got a distinct pop-punk energy, but with an emphasis on pop elements as the melodies are what really take over on this song. Check out the song below.

Shower Beers are on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok and you can follow them to keep up with future updates.

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