Today’s New Noise: Slugcrust

Welcome to the working week, rockers! Let’s kick off the week with some unmitigated violence. Slugcrust are a deathgrind crew out of South Carolina and they just put out a new album on Friday called Discharge(d) on Terminus Hate City, which is now streaming on their Bandcamp, and released the disturbing video for the title track, which is now streaming on YouTube.

“Discharge(d)” is a punishing track that lurches slowly through different movements, always with devastatingly heavy and crushing vocals. The animated video presents a sci-fi hellscape of violence and gore that disturbs both with its depiction of violent images and with its terrifying glimpses into a horrific dystopia. It’s the perfect closing track for the EP which features songs like the more energetic but equally violent “Feral Natural” and the explosive hardcore track “V4.” You’ll want to check out the whole album, but especially the video for “Discharge(d)” below.

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