Today’s New Noise: Sons of Ra

We’ve got a little something different for you today, rockers. Meet Sons of Ra, an avant-jazz/progressive rock fusion trio out of Chicago, Illinois. They’re gearing up for the release of their new EP Tropic of Cancer on April 19. The video for one of the singles, “Tropic of Cancer Pt. III,” is streaming on YouTube.

“Tropic of Cancer Pt. III” shows how wild things can get when you mix rock and jazz, as the band churn out some pretty wild saxophone solos over prog-rock grooves from the rhythm section. The video is deceptively simple as it features the band playing the song, but the lighting and coloration of the image slowly changes as the video progresses. It all makes for a promising release when Tropic of Cancer drops in April. Check out the video below.

You can preorder Tropic of Cancer on Bandcamp. Follow Sons of Ra on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for future updates.

Photo courtesy of Bulbbrain Creative

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