Today’s New Noise: Tetchy

Welcome to the working week, rockers! Tetchy are a queer punk band out of Brooklyn, New York. They recently put out a new EP called All In My Head on Trash Casual Records. They just put out the latest video for the single “Psychosomatic” off the new EP, and it’s streaming now on YouTube.

“Psychosomatic” starts off with a stark, bare sound carried only by Maggie Denning’s delicate vocal performance. Then the guitars start to come in with a dark, fuzzy sound to pull off a Pixies-esque loud-quiet-loud dynamic. Denning’s vocals continue to be powerfully emotional as the song spirals into despair and darkness. The video uses a combination of live action and claymation to portray the visceral feeling of a mental breakdown, which is enhanced by Denning’s performance that is even more striking than her vocals. Check out the video directed by Nick Clark Tanner below.

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Photo courtesy of Instagram

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