Today’s New Noise: Vampire Slumber Party

Welcome to the working week, rockers! Vampire Slumber Party is a pop-punk band out of South London—but there’s a good chance you already knew that if you read this column regularly. We actually featured them twice when this was Bandcamp of the Day: once in 2023 and once in 2022. Yes, I play favorites here and I don’t care. This past Friday they debuted their new video for their latest single “McFly Family Photo” and the video is currently streaming on YouTube.

In the past, I’ve described VSP as “catchy but warm” and similar to “early The Anniversary with more guitars.” But with this latest single, they seem to be channelling their Blink-182 influences a little more, because this has Enema of the State written all over it. With soaring pop hooks and dynamic drumbeats, it’s everything that’s great about pop-punk compressed into one song. And, in typical pop-punk fashion, the song is a tribute to ’80s pop culture, particularly one of my all-time favorite movies Back to the Future.

”’McFly Family Photo’ is a song about not giving up,” explain the band about the new track. “It’s about getting up, dusting yourself off and trying again and again and again. It’s about laughing in the face of self-doubt. No matter how many times you fail. No matter HOW much it feels like you’re disappearing. Writing and recording it was cathartic, for all of us. It was empowering. And I can’t wait to play it live and sing it from the bottom of my heart. And, hopefully, mean it.”

The hilariously low-budget, stop-motion video sees the band as lego characters rocking out with one amazing toy-punk show. Check out the video below.

Vampire Slumber Party are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok if you want to keep up with them.

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