Today’s New Noise: Wynona Bleach

Wynona Bleach are an alternative rock band from Belfast in Northern Ireland. They just put out a new single called “Swim in the Bay” via Fierce Panda Records, and the video for it is currently streaming on YouTube.

The press release we received about this song doesn’t mince words and explains that the song is about “the act of giving both oral—(and aural!)—pleasure.” In the history of rock music, there have only been a handful of songs about the topic, but this might be the best one I’ve heard since Prince’s “Head.”

The glossy, poppy shoegaze style gives a distinctly ’90s feel that will bring you right back to “swimming in the bay” with 90210 on in the background. The dreamy video takes place in an arcade with the entire thing viewed as if through water, complete with ripple effects. It’s a deeply sexy song and video that will stay with you for a long time. Check it out below.

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Photo courtesy for Wynona Bleach 

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