Today’s New Noise: Wyoming Young and Strong

Wyoming Young and Strong are a stoner/noise rock band from, believe it or not, Seattle, Washington. They recently put out a new EP called Wicked Upon You and it’s currently streaming right now on their Bandcamp.

The band seem to be a sort of concept band, with a fascinating fictional backstory to their music. As their Bandcamp says about the project:

“A lone hero in a world that seems pit against him, Wyoming traveled the universe after his home was destroyed by ancient titans. After learning of their ancient extra-dimensional brother, Wyoming Young and Strong took up the challenge of bringing the lost folk songs of this epic hero to our world.”

The band have a noise-rock edge to them but move at the pace of a doom-sludge band, creating a crushing and powerful album of material that’s perfect stoner material while giving you an intriguing lore to the song for you to chew on. Opening track “Tursulas” opens with a series of distorted, rising arpeggios that give way to droning guitars, and furiously shouted vocals as the song moves slowly and deeply into sludge territory. It’s a noisy, solid wall of sound.

“Burned Path” then opens on some lone drums before the crushing, booming bass line comes in to set the pace for the song. The guitars get really noisy and the vocals get aggressive, but that bass stays deep and slow to hold down the sludginess. “Grey Blad” opens on a guitar part that sounds reminiscent of a spaghetti western soundtrack as the complex drum beats create a sort of texture to the song. Then the distorted, echoey vocals cut through everything as the guitars start building that wall of sound once again, creating some extreme noise over a slow doom sound. Finally, “Space Wizard” almost picks up the pace, still keeping some of those doom sludge elements, but adding a more aggressive drumbeat that drives the song a bit faster at times, making for the shortest song on the album.

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Photo courtesy of Wyoming Young and Strong 

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