Tom DeLonge of Blink 182 fame just released an animated version, of, fittingly, the children’s book he wrote entitled Who Here Knows Who Took My Clothes? DeLonge also provides voiceover on the clip.

Check out a clip from his new animation:

“Children’s books are fun because they’re similar to songwriting; they’re short pieces of poetry that rhyme,” says DeLonge in a press release. “I thought it would be funny to write a children’s book about a man running around looking for his clothing. I actually started writing this one long before I published my first children’s book, The Lonely Astronaut, but I wound up losing it. I was able to bring it to life again after a family member found it sitting in an old journal. Then I enlisted the help of artist Ryan Jones, who I met through Gustavo Mendonca, the illustrator and concept artist that I worked with on other To The Stars projects like Poet Anderson, Dream Walker and Strange Times. Truth is, I never imagined that the book would’ve turned out as good as it did, but Ryan’s fun and rich artwork married perfectly with my sense of humor. Then Zach Passero and his incredible animation skills entered the picture, and we wound up making something that I think is really special.”

Purchase the book and book merch here. 


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