6. Richmond, VA

This is a scene that doesn’t get a whole lot of respect, but it has given the world Gwar, Cough, Windhand, Municipal Waste, Iron Reagan, Cannabis Corpse, Lamb Of God, Inter Arma, Deceased and a ton more amazing bands.

Record Stores:

www.thenationalva.com  |  www.thecanalclub.com  |  www.kingdomrva.com
www.facebook.com/Wonderland-RVA  |  www.strangematterrva.com

Richmond metal scene
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      • Atlanta and Savannah are about 250 miles from each other. If you’re gonna combine them just say Georgia.

  1. Thank you for sharing about the PMBL. Next time, though, please ask if you can use my video! I had no idea that this was circulating until a friend reposted the article. If anything, I don’t think our team is qualified to speak for the entire league and we gladly would have put something together if asked.

    • No problem Meredith! Also, I took the video down. Feel free to post the link in a comment if you’d like to share it.

      • You’re welcome to leave it up but please maybe note that the video was put together by members of the PMBL? We weirdly take this very seriously ;)

  2. Thank you for listing Richmond, VA as part of this list! You should list some of the great venues here for metal. Places such as: The National (considered one of the best venues to play in the USA), Canal Club, Kingdom, Wonderland, Strange Matter and The Hat Factory to name a few.

    • Yeah, Richmond, VA would be #1 on my list. There’s so much good music coming out of there!

  3. Oh, and there are a ton of great recording studios in the area as well. Lamb of God, GWAR and many great bands have recorded here.

  4. DECEASED isn’t from Richmond. Vinyl Conflict rules!!! also check out DEEP GROOVE, STEADY SOUNDS, and PLAN 9

  5. For Chicago, two equally important venues for metal would be Empty Bottle and ESPECIALLY Reggie’s, which dominates the “metal concert” scene here the last couple years – and rightfully so.

  6. Just cuz some hipster wears a dark throne shirt out of context doesnt make the brooklyn metal scene any less awesome…our scene rulez…so many shows..so many killer local bands…we should be #1…. fyi…none of the bands you listed are ‘heavy’ metal

  7. yea no offense, but this is the worst list ever made. did you just look up where some metal bands were originally from or what? Secondly, savannah, ga is four hours away from Atl on the coast of Georgia. I lived there for five years and if you think there’s any sort of “metal scene” because a few bands originated from there, you’ve clearly never stepped foot in the “city.” The only shows aside from those bands that even come to savannah, ga are all folk indie music-which is the majority of the population aka college kids, other than the crackheads of course. &Last time I checked, which was for the past 24 years of my life, Buffalo, New York has one of the biggest underground metal scenes of all time. You can’t go anywhere, city, surrounding suburbs, etc without running into people who listen to metal.literally..because that’s what people spend their time doing there.
    I mean jeez, Savannah and no mention of NYC where every possible show ever comes through here….yeah right. RESEARCH your shit, step foot in a city instead of googling it.

    • It’s not surprising. The writer mentions Tampa and fails to mention Deicide. Deicide is only the most important band to come out of Tampa, along with Death and Morbid Angel. Very weak article, indeed.

    • Buffalo indeed has a great scene, and so does Rochester NY

      Rochester bands include

      Nokturnal Hellstorm
      Fox 45
      Saints and Winos
      Gutted Alive
      Sirens and Sailors
      The Red Devil Report
      The Highest Leviathan
      Burn Everything
      and my band Order of the Dead

      Buffalo/Rochester combos

      Throne of Wilderness


      Theatre Nokturne
      Where She Wept
      Grave Descent
      Gas Chamber
      I’m from the Government and I’m here to help
      Prepare for the Mindscan
      Circus Grenade

      I know I’m forgetting bands… find these bands on facebook

      • 6asoline fyre Reply

        I used to live in Rochester and some of my family lives in buffalo. I had no idea it had such a big metal scene

  8. SF as most metal? Why, because bands originated from there 30+ years ago?
    Go there now. The scene is tired and played out, and there’s no new blood. I’ll take Chicago, NYC, and even backwards Richmond any day of the week over SF when it comes to crowds, support, and venues. Based on the number of corrections that had to be made, I wonder who wrote this article. They clearly don’t know much. How anyone leaves out Reggies — a midsize club that books metal 6-7 days a week — is beyond me.

    • Lists are mainly to spark conversation (which include the corrections you’re speaking of) and are to be taken with a grain of salt. There’s no such thing as a chiseled in stone “top 10 metal scenes in America.”

      Someone else mentioned Reggie’s, and it seems pretty sweet. I’ve added it now.

    • I do an underground radio show called Beast of the Bay and I have to tell you we have some badass young bands coming up that you may not know now but keep an eye out for them.
      Check them all out…and theres way more than that

  9. Halo- first off thank you for the mere mention of Austin. It’s an interesting scene so to speak with loads of variety in the metal/rock realm. Folks have the knack of throwing “psych” around so I don’t have to. Thank you for mentioning Scorpion Child! I am a member. As far as Gypsygawk,they are out of the Los Angeles area. It is a common mistake so no worries. Instead you could add perhaps The Well,Eagle Claw,and Sweat Lodge to the list. There is a resurgence of older metal stylings with an emphasis on heavy blues. We shall see what developes there in the next few years as I am a fan many sounds around town Cheers -AJB

  10. Cannibal Corpse was formed in Buffalo, NY not effin Tampa! This is list is stupid, clearly you have no clue on who came from where, so how would you know where the best scene is or where metal is going??

    • Not only that. But how can anybody talk about Tampa, and not even mention Deicide? Very weak article, indeed.

  11. I’m wondering why you would define the best metal scenes based on which famous bands came from there? The famous bands are no longer part of the local scene. Just because a couple bands made it, doesn’t mean the scene necessarily supports local metal.

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