80. Blockheads – This World Is Dead

This is simply a fantastic grind album. It’s got enough grind to make heads bang, but also has a ton of groove to keep things interesting.





Watain - The Wild Hunt cover79. Watain – The Wild Hunt

Very few bands in the modern era of black metal do it as well as Watain. They took a lot of risks on this album, but instead of detracting from their sound, the added elements actually gives them a more well-rounded attack that is sure to convert non-believers.





78. Amorphis – Circle

Granted, the days of Amorphis making super brutal death metal are long gone, however, with multiple listens, their current brand of melodic death metal with extremely catchy choruses and whatnot is still pretty awesome.




Inter Arma - Sky Burial cover

77. Inter Arma – Sky Burial

These guys are definitely one of the best bands to come from the Richmond, VA metal scene as of late. Sky Burial is a very genuine and very heavy mix of doom, death and black metal to create a pretty unique sound of their own.




Castevet - Obsian cover

76. Castevet – Obsian

Epic, atmospheric black metal with razor sharp riffs.





Age Of Taurus - Desperate Souls of Tortured Times cover

75. Age Of Taurus – Desperate Souls of Tortured Times

Bad ass, old school throwback doom.






74. Baptists – BushcraftBaptists - Bushcraft artwork

If you like music fast, angry and violent, you’ll dig this album. it reminds me a lot of Converge, honestly.





Grave Miasma - Odori Sepulcrorum cover73. Grave Miasma – Odori Sepulcrorum

2013 has definitely appeared to be an amazing year for death metal. Part of the reason is because of bands like Grave Miasma that have found unique ways to take old school death metal and add in all sorts of interesting elements that show the future of the genre is in very good hands.



Demonical - Darkness Unbound cover

72. Demonical – Darkness Unbound

Armed with an intense fury and an iconic Swededeath guitar tone, though this record was released a bit late in the year to rank too high on my list, it’s hard not to be blown away by this near perfect slab of blackened death.




Nolentia - May The Hand That Holds The Match That Will Set This World On Fire Be Blessed Above All

71. Nolentia – May The Hand That Holds The Match That Will Set This World On Fire Be Blessed Above All

They might have channeled their inner Fiona Apple when naming this album, but there’s nothing hip about this obscene blast of grindcore fury. The first time I heard this album I was blown away at how much they remind me of the glory days of Nasum.



Extol - self titled cover

70. Extol – Extol

This album is somewhat of a return to form for this legendary band. It kind of sounds like this album was released in a world where their previous album The Blueprint Dives never existed, which means it’s a massive throwback to their brutal form of technical melodic death metal.




69. Shai Hulud – Reach Beyond The Sun

They brought back former vocalist Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory fame and the end result is one of the best hardcore/metalcore albums I heard all year with choruses and riffs that will stay with you long after the needles raises off the record.





68. Mammoth Grinder – Underworlds

An absolutely scathing, hate-soaked blast of hardcore powerviolence that hits with the impact of a barbed-wire wrapped baseball bat.





East Of The Wall - Redaction Artifacts cover

67. East Of The Wall – Redaction Artifacts

I’m not 100% sure what the best genre is to define this band, whether it be “post metal” or “progressive metal”, but to me it sounds like post progressive beautiful soundscapes with awesome shredding and incredibly creative and catchy riffs.




Skeletonwitch - Serpents Unleashed cover

66. Skeletonwitch – Serpents Unleashed

Skeletonwitch is just one of a plethora of bands on this top 100 list who I didn’t care for much prior to hearing their new record, only to be blown away. Their brand of blackened death thrash has definitely never sounded better than it does on Serpents Unleashed.




Pinkish Black - Razed To The Ground cover

65. Pinkish Black – Razed To The Ground

I’ve never heard of a band creating doom metal without the use of guitars, but essentially that’s what this Texan two-piece did. The strange thing is, it actually kind of works.





64. Noctum – Final Sacrifice

Though Noctum are just the latest in a string of Swedish occult rock bands getting signed to major labels, they are far from a cookie cutter. Their old school riffs are catchy enough to give anyone carpal tunnel trying to air guitar along.




Ken Mode - Entrench cover

63. KEN Mode – Entrench

These Canadian road dogs continue to bring forth incredibly fast, noisey post-hardcore. Although, they did throw in a few new elements to keep it interesting.





Lord Dying - Summon The Faithless cover

62. Lord Dying – Summon The Faithless

Absolutely brutal old school doom metal with a heavy rock n’ roll undertone that absolutely rules.





Killswitch Engage - Disarm The Descent cover

61. Killswitch Engage – Disarm The Descent

This is their first album in quite a few years with Jesse Leach on vocals and it absolutely kills. Definitely better than the last 2 or 3 albums without question. Incredibly angry, which always makes Killswitch sound more enjoyable to me.

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  1. I dont know half of these bands but you left off HUNTRESS!!!! with star bound beast fantastic album you scum over looked!

  2. Wow you must not have heard the newest shade empire album omega arcane. I have that my album of the year hands down and it’s not even in the top 100! Listen to it it’s an absolute masterpiece

    • Clutch,Vista Chino,Queens of the Stone Age,Coliseum,Palms,Mutoid Man,Kadavar,KEN Mode,Doomriders,True Widow,Black Star Riders,Kylesa,Intronaut,Orchid,Red Fang, and ASG are all pretty much rock bands.

  3. I didn’t see the parallax II by between the buried and me! Cmon man!

  4. Wow.No Deafheaven,Kvelertak,Pelican,Whores,Beastwars,Bovine,Tsar Bomba,Grandfather,Beastmilk,Melvins,Tomahawk,Anacondas,Kongh,Zozobra,Tidal Arms,Lumbar,Black Thai,Big Business,Pissed Jeans,Kings Destroy,California X,Big Jesus or Gozu?

    • Sadly I didn’t get to hear the new Pelican, Beastmilk, Big Business or Kings Destroy albums in time, otherwise they would have been on the list for sure. also, Kvelertak, Whores, Kongh and Zozobra were very close to making the list.

  5. Damn good list. This year I just started to listen to doom/sludge/stoner stuff.

  6. Hello, Black Sabbath not in the top 100? Saxon, Argus, Procession, Dream Death, Manilla Road, Cardinals Folly, Asomvel, Satan, Hell.

    • Both good albums, but I’d bet money this writer hasn’t considered either, as they’re both mostly considered punk/hardcore, which are pathetically represented in this list. In other words, TA and MLIW have 100% too little death metal to even be mentioned. Ridiculous.

  7. Chemikillibrium Reply

    There is a glaring gaping black hole chasm where PRONG should appear… How in the f**k this mighty force of brilliant sonic exploratory surgery could be omitted is incomprehensible… Correct this folly forthwith.

  8. The ability of this list to focus on only a tiny sliver of the “rock” and “metal” genres while claiming to be anything resembling an all-encompassing list is absolutely mind-blowing.
    There are maybe a half-dozen hard rock albums on here, and essentially zero representation of punk, which clearly falls under the rock/metal umbrella as well- not to mention literally nothing in softer/indie rock, which believe it or not is also considered “rock” by most standards. Absurd. Maybe broaden your horizons if you’re gonna make this kind of list, or just make a list of only ” death metal” albums?

  9. It’s a good list, but there are many of the above which wouldn’t be on my list at all. Kvelertak, Bovine, Deafheaven, Steak number eight, all would have taken the flag from Kylesa in my honest opinion. and where is Sabbath?! :)

  10. Not a metal rock mentioned but death metal thrashhardcore. Check out great metal rock bands out there and listen to their screams and howls.

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