Metsatoll - Karjajuht

30. Metsatoll – Karjajuht

Amazingly catchy-yet-heavy Estonian pagan metal; one of the best records of this style you’ll hear all year.








Triptykon - Melana Chasmata cover

29. Triptykon – Melana Chasmata

Some have hailed this as the best album of the year thanks to Tom G. Warrior’s depressing lyrics and heavy riffs; I think that it’s very awesome, but is a bit of a grower to be sure.








Swans - To Be Kind

28. Swans – To Be Kind

Swans has always challenged its listeners and this record is no exception. If you can survive a 34 minute song in the middle of the album, you’ll be incredibly rewarded.








Coffinworm - IV I VIII

27. Coffinworm – IV.I.VIII

Hatefull and unique mix of black, death and doom metal with a nice layer of sludge on top courtesy of deranged producer Sanford Parker.








Vader - Tibi Et Igni

26. Vader – Tibi Et Igni

This legendary Polish death machine doesn’t stop for anyone as they continue to deliver face-alteringly heavy death metal for the third decade in a row.








Prong - Ruining Lives cover

25. Prong – Ruining Lives

Tommy Victor and co have delivered their second album in a row of perfectly thrashy, catchy rock n’ roll like only Prong can deliver.








Barghest - The Virtuous Purge cover

24. Barghest – The Virtuous Purge

Black metal with a pulse that’s unafraid to stray from the genre in hopes of expanding and improving their sound.








Morbus Chron Sweven Cover 2014

23. Morbus Chron – Sweven

Another record that a lot of people consider to be the best album of the year thanks to its incredibly unique and awesome take on modern death metal.








The Atlas Moth - The Old Believer cover

22. The Atlas Moth – The Old Believer

You can call The Atlas Moth what you want, whether it be “blackened sludge” or “progressive swamp doom” or what, just don’t call them not awesome.









Vallenfyre - Splinters

21. Vallenfyre – Splinters

Old school death/doom metal dudes trying to play old school death metal and produced by Kurt Ballou of Converge…a winning combination!








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  1. That you omitted the new Dead Congregation record on a “best of so far” that included FIFTY fucking albums is crazy nonsense. Wow.

  2. You missed so many awesome albums and agalloch at number one is a joke. Surely

  3. I HIGHLY suggets you check out Xanthochroid – Blessed he with Boils, it will be in your top 5 guranteed. It’s “Cinematic” metal with black/folk influences. It’s Fucking amazing, infinite replay value.

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