Incantation - Dirges Of Elysium

20. Incantation – Dirges Of Elysium

One of the greatest old the still-going legendary death metal bands, Incantation has somehow only gotten consistently better and faster, which is a terrifying thought.








Pyrrhon - The Mother Of Virtues

19. Pyrrhon – The Mother Of Virtues

Of all the modern death metal bands coming out this year, Pyrrhon is definitely one of the best thanks to their unique Faith No More-meets-Autopsy style of attack.








Autopsy - Tourniquets Hacksaws and Graves cover

18. Autopsy – Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves

Nobody delivers old school death metal the right way like Chris Reifert and somehow they’ve delivered their third perfect album in 4 years.








Eyehategod - self titled cover

17. Eyehategod – Eyehategod

I challenge any band to take 13 years off and then record a new record that picks up exactly where they left off the way these guys have done, it’s not easy, I assure you.








Gridlink - Longhena

16. Gridlink – Longhena

Sadly this is their final album, but thanks to its insanely memorable, interesting, thrashy riffs, they’ll never be forgotten.








Thantifaxath - Sacred White Noise cover

15. Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise

A stunning debut from a band with a beautifully-skewed view on how to mix black metal and death metal and still keep it interesting.








Tombs - Savage Gold cover

14. Tombs – Savage Gold

Though known more for their lush, black metal atmospherics, Tombs has stripped down their style and delivered a beautifully heavy punch in the gut thanks to the production of Erik Rutan.







Crowbar - Symmetry In Black cover

13. Crowbar – Symmetry In Black

Nobody understands the virtues and execution of sludge metal quite like Kirk Windstein and he delivers in a big way with this return to old school form.








Floor - The Oblation

12. Floor – The Oblation

Floor is another band that managed to take a decade off before putting out a new album this year and like E.H.G. they not only didn’t lose a step, they seemed to gain a massive one.








Pilgrim - II Void Worship

11. Pilgrim – II Void Worship

Skull-rattling doom that’s certainly not for the faint of heart. It’s not rockin, it’s not forgiving, it’s just 100% old school, pummeling doom.








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  1. That you omitted the new Dead Congregation record on a “best of so far” that included FIFTY fucking albums is crazy nonsense. Wow.

  2. You missed so many awesome albums and agalloch at number one is a joke. Surely

  3. I HIGHLY suggets you check out Xanthochroid – Blessed he with Boils, it will be in your top 5 guranteed. It’s “Cinematic” metal with black/folk influences. It’s Fucking amazing, infinite replay value.

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