Russia’s SVETLANAS hit the road for Vans Warped Tour for a string of dates, and we’ve partnered with the band to offer you an inside look into their time on the music festival’s 2015 circuit.

Check out the second installment of the band’s tour journal below! And if you missed the first installment, you can check it out here.

SVETLANAS Tour Journal #2

Denver, CO – August 2nd – Pepsi Center

This is the most quiet day at Warped so far, no interviews are scheduled and the temperature is not so high today. Our show is at 3:05pm and a couple of minutes before we go on stage the wind starts blowing so strongly that it’s impossible to use the stage scrims. Despite the rain we have a good crowd in the audience and we really enjoy playing the set today.

Everyone is talking about the Prom party that will take place after the show. We’re not very interested in this but we decide to go and drink as much beer as possible!

SVETLANAS - tour diary 2-1
Photo by therainbowbeard
SVETLANAS - tour diary 2-2
The Prom Party

Day Off – August 3th / 4th

We still have no driver so we spend ALL day driving. Our destination is San Diego, CA so we go across Colorado, Utah, Arizona and California… lots of desert, crazy gas stations and the AC is always on. We are in the perfect mood to listen to The Desert Sessions.

We stop in Las Vegas to try to get some rest but it takes a couple of hours to find an available room in a motel… Before we arrive in San Diego we stop at the famous Peggy Sue’s – The original 50’s Diner – for milkshakes and cherry pies, where we receive a couple of video messages from our friend Nick Oliveri who’s actually touring Europe with his Death Acoustic show.

Gas station
Gas station

San Diego, CA – August 5th – Qualcomm Stadium

This is the weirdest day ever. As soon as we go on, the stage assistant tells Olga that Gene Simmons is at the show today… “the REAL guy!” he says.

In this tour we are promoting our last album, titled Naked Horse Rider, and of course the cover art features Putin with a Gene Simmons-inspired face painting. Our first thought is… shit, we are in trouble! But in this moment the most important thing to do is to kick ass on stage.

Once we finish the performance we go to the press area for a couple of awesome interviews: NBC’s SoundDiego and Ska Parade. Right before we start with the SoundDiego guys we all see him… Gene fucking Simmons in person is standing in front of us. Just a couple of words: “Hey baby don’t worry, 40 millions of people will know of your band.” and he “KISS” Olga.

I think for today that is enough.

Putin artwork
Putin artwork
Olga with Gene Simmons
Olga with Gene Simmons
SVETLANAS - tour diary 2-7
Gene Simmons’ post on Twitter

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