Russia’s SVETLANAS hit the road for Vans Warped Tour for a string of dates, and we’ve partnered with the band to offer you an inside look into their time on the music festival’s 2015 circuit.

Check out the third installment of the band’s tour journal below! And if you missed the other installments, you can check them out here.

SVETLANAS Tour Journal #3

Aug 7 – Portland, OR – Portland Expo Center

We spent all the night driving except for a quick stop at Nicki Sicki’s house, it was great to meet  him since we’re big fans of Verbal Abuse. You can feel the real punk attitude when you arrive unexpectedly at 6:00 am and he makes you a coffee and offers you a shower instead of kicking you in the ass! This is a real punk house and all the walls are fully covered with 80’s punk shows flyers and posters. AWESOME.

Once we arrive in Portland we are tired as hell. The merch guy decide to disappear for all the day so we have to do everything by ourselves and it’s a true race against time.

Luckily we have some friends in Seattle. That is only 3 hours far from here and very happy to be able to spend the night partying with them.

Verbal Abuse headquarters at Nicki Sicki's
Verbal Abuse headquarters at Nicki Sicki’s
Over at our friends in Seattle
Over at our friends in Seattle

Aug 8 – Auburn, WA – White River Amphitheater

Here we go, this is the last day of the Warped Tour and we can feel a weird mood coming from all the bands and staff here at Warped, a mix of happiness and sadness as well.

Today we play at 6:20pm so we have the time to enjoy the last day and say goodbye to everyone. Our show is introduced by Chris, the stage sound guy, and we focus our energy on our very last show here at Warped.

This tour is over but we still have other shows to play in the US: Oakland, CA – Las Vegas, NV – Tempe, AZ and Austin, TX.

The soviet nightmare continues…

The amazing Kevin Says Stage Crew and us!
The amazing Kevin Says Stage Crew and us!
Svetlanas tour journal 3 - 4
Goodbye Warped Tour

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