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When I finally got a clear connection to Brandon Gallagher of Old Wounds, he was in a van. The band was skeedaddling out of Texas, leaving SXSW. Old Wounds was at the end of their current tour’s first week. They are “playing bizarre spots,” Brandon notes.

Old Wounds was embarking on this tour with an array of bands. One band is Focused Minds, a tight straight edge hardcore band. I note that it is slightly out of place. “Yeah, it’s cool. Adds diversity.” Focused Minds joined them through Idaho Falls, Salt Lake City, Cheyenne, Rapid City. Also, Hollow Earth rocked alongside Old Wounds in Cincinnati and Austin. Additionally, a “awesome” new Toronto band Exalt, will accompany them into Canada for five days.

The tour goes through mid-April, as Old Wounds kills crowds in Albuquerque, Pittsburgh, and Birmingham. The crew would be hitting Mesa the next day, then on to California. But while in SXSW, the group was enthralled in all the music spilling out from the clubs. They had missed it last year. Enamored by the staggering sights, they focused on finding the incredible RVA doom masters, Windhand, and also Nothing. This all culminated with Old Wounds playing a house show with Hollow Earth and Obliteration.

Brandon reports selling decent amounts of merch and having a solid amount of people coming out to the shows. The crowds are getting larger and kids were singing lyrics. Excited, Brandon is looking forward to playing lots of spots that they have not played before in the upcoming week. While it was the band’s third time to the Bay Area, Old Wounds were finally introduced to Oregon and Washington.

Old Wounds will continue throughout the year to preach the gospel of their 2013 full length, From Where We Came Is Where We’ll Rest. Be sure to pick up stellar past releases like their split with Trenchfoot, Sleeper, or Terror Eyes and many more.

Old Wounds Tour Dates w/ Exalt:
4/3 – Evansville, IN @ The Hatch
4/4 – Grand Rapids, MI @ Take Hold
4/5 – Waterloo, ON @ Maxwell’s
4/6 – Oshawa, ON @ Wasted Space
4/7 – Ottawa, QC @ Luna’s
4/9 – Montreal, QC @ TRH Bar
4/10 – Oneonta, NY @ Gallagher’s Pub  *no Exalt  |  |

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