A flurry of melodies ring out immediately as Au Revoir by Bare Dreams begins playing. “Eldar’s Song” showcases the band’s distinct and elaborate songwriting abilities. The guitars are always crunching together fiery licks that twist behind the vocals. This happens throughout the release, as “Last Night” opens with a soft, introspective swell of picked notes before the song’s final form comes to light. Led with bright tones, the ending beautiful unwinds the cathartic feelings laced into the lyrics with an emphatic outro thanks to the vocal delivery. Immediately after “Why Can’t I?” snaps into the foreground with a steady led rhythm section.

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be giving listeners an in depth look into Au Revoir thanks to this track by track written by Bare Dreams.

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Eldar’s Song – It represents the first step in the process of saying goodbye. Convincing yourself everything is gonna be fine. Hoping the other person will turn around and realize you were right for him.

Birthdays – This song describes the hopelessness of watching someone you love move on as you try to pick up the pieces and forget about him.

Last Night – “Last Night” talks about the moment you find yourself reminiscing about the good times you had with the one you just lost and trying to hold onto the memories in order to keep yourself afloat.

Why Can’t I? – Regret. “Why Can’t I?” describes the self anger you feel about all the things you’ve done wrong, hoping you’ll find some light in this mess.

Mayday! Mayday! – The most fun song to play on the EP. It starts as an acoustic, soft song and turns into a fast, catchy pop-punk theme. The lyrics describe the contrast between wanting to see your loved ones move on and wanting them around.

Between A Bus & A Hospital Bed – This is the final stage, letting go. BABAHB deals with acceptance. Asking yourself all the right questions in order to embrace the brighter days you’ve had with this person and forget about the pain you’ve experienced through the process.

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