Flight Club’s new record, Recreational Love, out today on Open Your Ears Records, is a complex album with a lot of themes to look into. Here’s the breakdown of what the new record focuses on.


Discount Drugs
Straight forward guitar, soaring vocals, aggressively fun chorus. We wanted a song to sound like Tarantino Films make us feel.
This Is Living
One of our friends from Warped tour has a great life motto. He told me once, “No matter where I am, I’m having more fun than you.” That mentality is the whole idea of the song. Some let life pass them by versus taking control of it.


Hard Luck
A very common theme we like to express through our songs is self-acceptance and the desire to be better than you used to be while not letting that past define your future. The feel-good melodies throughout the song are meant to remind the listener that, “Everything will be Alright, Alright.”

All Hell
Sam started this song around the same time we were writing Good Intent, and we even recorded it with the plans of releasing it as a single in 2018. Between the changes in our lineup and us not feeling like the song was ready, we scrapped it. With the help of Alan, we were able to get this track to a much bigger sound that represents the band as a whole.

Strangers After
“Strangers After” began as a song Alex wrote in high school. Most of his lyrics are about self reflection and an internal struggle, while lyrics Charlie added compliment and contrast these ideas by taking it in a more external direction. The end result is a symbiotic dance between self and others involved in romantic affairs.
Wither and Grow. Sometimes things don’t go your way, but that’s no reason to pout. Onto the next. A song about optimism.

Hailing from Richmond, VA, Flight Club are a five-piece rock ‘n’ roll band who isn’t afraid to get loud. Pulling influence from their southern roots, the group takes the gritty blues and classic rock tones they were raised on and adds a dose of punk rock intensity, blending them together to find a soulful sound, full of heart, that is delivered raw, passionate, and true.

You can also check them out on tour this winter. 

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