The latest from punk/hardcore/metal crossover giants Ghastly Sound is a brand-new record, Have A Nice Day, out now. They gave us a breakdown (pun intended) of what makes each track special.

Bait and Switch
This track is about the revelation that you’re living a different life than the one you thought you were working toward. When you’re young, you see magic in the world. Time moves slower. As you gain experience, you may realize you’re off track. It’s important to be critical about the decisions you’ve made that led there. This song is meant to highlight that, with a renewed perspective, it’s important to correct past decisions that have taken you off-course.

We’re all Shadows
This song is about finding identity and the humility that comes along with it. Human instinct incorporates a need to live forever or make a mark in some way. We wanted to highlight that, for most of us, our impact is temporary, or at least reflective of a particular time and circumstance. The intent is to inspire a sense of conviction for specific moments, fleeting as they might be.

Deathlogic (HLYGHST)
In one way or another, all of these songs are about being in this band. When it comes to Deathlogic, the diplomatic way to say it is that, in life, you’ll meet people who are involved in something for the wrong reasons. If you’ve been involved in that something for as long as we have, those kinds of people become easy to identify in increasingly shorter time spans. A person or group of people you perceive as disingenuous can inspire resentment and a feeling that these persons are in the way or static. There is a sense of pity that comes along with the realization that, “what hurts the most is that you can’t let go of what was never inside you.”

The song “War” is about fighting for what you want your life to be. It’s about being able to tell the difference between natural entropy and the things we’ve chosen to become apathetic about, to know when you’re tired but decide to have the will to keep going. The purpose of being conscious of this apathy is to rid yourself of it . It’s about the three of us knowing we need this band and each other to be the most complete version of ourselves.

No Security
No Security is about staying authentic despite seeing through the cracks in life and seeing all the manipulation and insincerity in the world. Instead of succumbing to this, it gives you that much more reason to be honest and be there for yourself and for the people in your life and to disregard everything else.

Selina Kyle/The Holocene Has Ended
A writer we know mentioned how this album, Have A Nice Day, is a reflection on playing sincere music in 2019. “Selina Kyle” and “The Holocene Has Ended,” two songs that are meant to be heard in sequence, illustrate the duality of the experience. The romantic overtones throughout the songs are an expression of how seductive one’s aspirations can be. The more aggressive sections of the songs represent what a person is willing to go through to chase those aspirations.

Electric Tumor
This song is about playing Psycho Las Vegas in 2018. It was a complete blast, and it had a big impact on us. When you reflect on an experience like that, you’re able to draw some deeper meaning out of it. We wanted to write a punk-influenced and lyrically playful song to set a mile marker. The quick allegory is that the city of Las Vegas represents an Electric Tumor in the desert of Nevada.

Have a Nice Day
So, this is the big one, right? Title track. Here’s the deal:
This song embodies our overall outlook more than the others. Stylistically, the song doesn’t necessarily check a box for a person who may consider themselves a genre “purist.” But, the intent is to translate an honesty in our conviction. The verses are a direct tribute to the professional wrestling character Mankind. Without getting too niche, the people who know Mankind and Mick Foley know that he is an individual who has given more to his art form in the name of the fans than a great percentage of humans in history. And for fuckin’ what?  And the choruses and the end touch on our desire to be where people want to have us and have a great time doing what we love.

Grab the record here. 


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