Toronto pop-punkers Harbour are emerging as one of Ontario’s top prospects in the genre, combining clean, crisp and infectious melodies with punching riffs and fresh swelling choruses. A force to be reckoned with both on record and live, Harbour have supported a host of the leading bands in the genre including State Champs, Hit The Lights, Count To Four and Four Year Strong.

Stream Grade School Summer and read the track-by-track below.


1. “The End”

“The End” is basically about the end of a failed relationship with someone you ended up hating. I had actually written this song before the girl and I had broken up, because I knew it was going to eventually happen. Sometimes you just know things aren’t going to work out. It’s funny, because she begged me to write her a song…so I did.

2. “Grade School Summer”

Reminiscing on the past and missing the ‘good old days’ when you were a kid is the main inspiration for “Grade School Summer.” Everything from skateboarding with your friends, playing video games, playing hockey, your first kiss, and the list goes on. It’s about wishing you could go back to that life instead of having responsibilities of an adult, and eventually having to grow up.

3. “Someone Like You”

The song “Someone Like You” is about the one that got away. Having been in a really good relationship and finding a way to just screw it all up. Face it, we’ve mostly all been there. It sucks, but life goes on. But I never got over her. I knew I would never find someone like her. But in the end, I got her back.

4. “Couldn’t Hack It”

“Couldn’t Hack It” is about the same girl I wrote “The End” about. It’s about wishing you knew how much of a stupid, lying, annoying, rude, messed up in the head nutcase someone is before attaching yourselves to them. It’s also about being very glad you’ll never see that person again. I hope she reads this.

5. “So Long”

“So Long” is about having a high school crush on that really hot blonde in your class that you’ve wanted for so long. You know, the one who wouldn’t ever talk to you and always dated someone way older than them? Hoping she would one day realize that you’d be perfect for each other, but she will never know.

6. “Untitled”

This song is an open letter to anyone who is down and out, feels alone, thinking that life can’t get any better, and saying it does get better and you just have to give it time. In a way, I wrote it for myself as well. I was in a rough place right around that time so I wrote it to tell myself it will get better and to stop letting things get me so down.

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