Hot Sunday Blood’s Kein Licht, out December 17 via Snooky Records, has some dark, introspective themes, and the band gave us a track-by-track breakdown of what the record is all about.

The album starts with a strange mood, and lyrics are unconventional as well. Habits are solutions out of control. We spend a lot of time searching for a comfort zone, and when we reach our goals, we fall in a black hole made out of monotony and mental sickness. Fear of unknown brings surrender, as normality can become a glass prison for the whole life.

A girl sits on the floor. Tears on her face while fear becomes stronger. This song speaks about the loss of emotions and the struggle between heart and brain facing daily life.

The girl is a human filter of feelings and regrets that everyone can relate to during existence. Death is not a solution; life is quite the same.

The scream of our soul. The useless reaction to our choices. A man, me, or maybe everyone who tries to change the fixed rules. A glance to the past and a view to the future with blinded eyes. The extermination of a dark soul that knows who has failed.

This song, it’s about depression. A mental sickness with no exit and very difficult to face. It’s like losing colors and the objective capacity to see something good in existence. Waking up in the morning with a huge sense of helplessness and without being able to ask people close to you for help. “Nobody walks on my side.”

A child’s point of view, totally indifferent regarding what future can bring. Youth discomfort and the trifling will to build a time machine to save the earth from every kind of evil. A false tale about how great it would be living in total harmony one another.

Every effort is vain, and anything good can actually be destroyed in few seconds. In the end, what are we searching at? Maybe just forgiveness, regret, fame, success, nothing at all. Everyone can write a plot and decide how long and cool can be his existence. At least this could mean finding joy.

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