Toronto-based post-punk project Peeling is multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Anna Timoshenko. She has a new album called Worshipper out on Labyrinth Records. It drops today, and we have a track-by-track breakdown and stream for you below, courtesy of Anna herself. Please enjoy.


This song is about being a sucker for a love story but knowing there’s no such thing as a happy ending. Relationships take a lot of dedication and maintenance to succeed and it’s important to always put forth the effort.  Also, people keep asking if there are synths on this – just guitar y’all.


This is the oldest song on the album, probably written about 3 years ago but still one of my favorites. I definitely hadn’t finished the lyrics while we were playing this on tour, so I would just make up new words for every show. I was listening to a lot of Rowland S. Howard during this time. It’s kind of a bummer track about feelings of anxiety and imposter syndrome.


I wrote and recorded most of this song in one afternoon in a hotel room on my boyfriend’s laptop after mine had completely fried. It’s about not having things turn out quite the way you’d like them to. I was trying to channel some Kim Gordon with those whisper vocals in the chorus.


My doom country spaghetti western theme song, it’s about unapologetically being a skid. I really like the guitar solo & Farfisa in this one.

There’s a world that needs forgiving
And I guess that so do I
I don’t trust my judgement
Between wrong and doing right
It’s hard to pay attention
And it’s hard to give a shit
And there ain’t no god or daddy
That’ll teach you how to live


I wrote this song last year and it wasn’t originally going to be on the album because it’s a bit more stripped down and pop. Some of my friends really liked it though and convinced me to put it on. It ended up being a weird foreshadowing for 2020 and it’s more relatable to me now than ever.


This one has a lot going on – a programmed beat, tons of spring reverb, electronic sitar and a dan bau, which is a beautiful single string zither that I played and recorded in Vietnam. It’s a pretty experimental track, I’m not even sure what genre this is. The lyrics are about feeling like your fate is pre-written.


I wrote this song about battling the worst parts of yourself/your ego/habits. “Silver and gold, chariot of fire, where do we go? Shower in gasoline – to war.” Wallace got to play his favorite krautrock beat on it. The guitar line at 2:04 reminds me of a Smashing Pumpkins riff for some reason.


I put this together one morning while I was staying in a small town in Mexico. I was creating different ambient soundscapes to help drown out the sounds of roosters that had been going off since 3am. It sounded cool as a segue into Worshipper so it made it onto the record.


This song was partially inspired by The Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess by Ultimate Spinach. I wrote the bass and guitar during a super hot summer day in my room, probably stoned. Wallace says it has the fastest single stroke roll he’s ever recorded on drums. It’s the best one to play live because we get to improvise it into a longer jam and have a lot of fun with the ending. This song closes the album on a real positive note. Be good to yourselves.

Photo by Peeling.

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