New Noise Magazine is here to bring forth an exclusive in depth look at Sunk by Minnesota’s Unturned. Vocalist Parker Toyne states, “Sunk is the culmination of two years’ worth of writing and touring. Through those two years came a lot of doubt and anxiety, but these five songs have kept us together and kept us pushing forward. We’re incredibly proud of this collection of music and we are excited about the future of this band.”

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“Swimming” was one of the first songs we wrote for the EP. It came together organically and went through a lot of changes before we recorded it. It represents the shift in direction we wanted to make musically and is reflective of how we want to approach songwriting between the five of us.


The title says it all. “Headrush” is reflective of moments in your life when you feel like everything is coming down on you at once. I was at a point in my life where a combination of different emotions were consistently overwhelming me and I met them with apathy. I thought “maybe if I write a song about it things will get better”.


“Am I self-medicating or am I just having fun?” is incredibly indicative of how one handles the use of substances in the face of existential factors that are affecting your mental health. At its core, this song is about the people that you surround yourself with and whether or not they are a positive force in your life.


Along with “Swimming,” “Vertigo” was also one of the first songs we’d written for EP. Throughout the period of time that followed our last release we didn’t necessarily know what we wanted to do as a band. Vertigo written naturally over the course of a practice session in the summer of 2017. It’s about dealing with the inevitable, when life is spinning around you at once, chaotically and irrefutably.


“Comedown” was the last song we wrote before heading into the studio to record “Sunk”. It is on the heavier side compared to the other songs on the EP and the lyrics are reflective of that. The line “I’ve felt like a tourist in my own skin” is indicative of truly feeling like an outsider to the people and places around you, and coming head to head with the things you’ve been trying to nurture in your life.

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