Out today via Equal Vision Records, Young Culture’s self-titled album is finally here. Check out what the band had to say about it below. 


“Bloodthin” is about growing up, friendship and change. it’s what Young Culture was to me when we started this, so there was no way it couldn’t be the intro to our debut.

This one started out naturally as most songs I write, just me and my acoustic guitar. I remember starting the writing process for this album and being stuck in a really big writer’s block. I went to a park near my parent’s house and sat in the backseat of my car for a couple of hours and was pulling teeth trying to write something I liked.

The only thing I got down was this four-verse poem, and when I went back after a disappointing day, I realized I had written the song that defined the meaning behind the whole name of this project, which was very special to me.

This was one of the first songs written for the album and sounds the most like classic Young Culture in my opinion.

It had to be at the beginning of the album because it just felt like the most effortless YC song we had done in a minute. no-frills, not trying to be something else, just a classic-sounding Young Culture song. it sounds like where it all began. Youthful and full of self-pity.

Anywhere I Go
This song is about my best friend. lots of “yeehaw” vibes. I had been with my girlfriend for a very long time and had always failed to write her a proper love song and felt quite bad about it, to be honest. I remember having one particularly stoned night where I was missing her a lot and all the words just came to me in such a magical way.

It’s one of the most truthful songs I had written in a while, and I really feel like it does justice for how I feel about this very special person. We expanded a lot on this one, as it went from an acoustic ballad to a full country-electronic fused song, which was brand-new territory for us.

Holiday In Vegas
Arguably the most fun song, it had to be the first single. This one’s for all the things in life that are so much fun but not always the best for you.

This one just felt so right, and we didn’t change a whole lot of it from start to end. we just wanted an energetic song, and it’s still one that gets us excited every time we play it. We really just set out to make a song that would make people jump when they heard it live.

I’ll Be There
Although written like a love song, it’s really just about being there for one another. Everyone needs someone to lean on.

This one started as a beat that Gabe had made, and when I heard it, it just hit me in my feels, and I really pushed for this to be a single because I felt like it was my song to our fans.

“I’ll Be There when you need me, I promise you I’m never leaving” is me saying, I’m not gonna give up on you guys the same way y’all never did on me. This one expanded a ton in the studio, and I couldn’t be happier with the emotion we captured in this one.

Better Off As Friends
Literally just a banger. sometimes it’s better to leave it just friends, y’all. This is yet another song that just started me and my guitar but it took us a while to figure it out and what direction we wanted it to go in.

It took us a couple of jam sessions to figure out how we wanted this one to be sonically because when I wrote it, it was really inspired by frank oceans flow, which I am just obsessed with. That’s what I wanted the chorus to feel like, and I think we worked out a good way to make it sound like young culture without biting another sound.

Hailey Beverly 2016
Nostalgic, Young Culture, autotune, one of my favorites.
Troy had sent me a guitar loop, which is what runs throughout most of this song, and it was so simple. I loved it from the get-go.

I wrote this one in like 20 minutes and never thought I’d end up loving it as much as I do. we really wanted it to be inspired by the bedroom pop that we all love, and it’s a sound that I had been wanting to make for a very long time.

This was the last ones written. it originally wasn’t gonna be on the album, but I’m glad it is. I wrote this song, and it was initially inspired by some of the pop-country music I was getting into lately. I sent it as a voice memo to the guys but was quick to scrap it.

They loved it, and I fought them on it for a while, but in the studio, our engineer, Anton Delost heard the demo and insisted it was the best song. We workshopped this one a ton in the studio and ended up making something we were all happy with. The cherry on top of this was adding a sax solo by our good friend John James Ryan.

American Idle
Probably the only true rock song on the album and one of the most important messages to hear from it. Troy and I were hanging one night before a tour, and he played this kickass riff, and the melody just came to me.

So, he and I sat there and wrote most of it that night. I know that troy feels a real personal connection with this one, and in my opinion, sonically, it’s got his personality all over it. lyrically, the song is about someone not being able to care for you when you’re going through hard times. whereas your loved ones should accept and help you through problem. This one is about someone giving up on you for being weak.

Laylo is a very personal song and the most honest one. I really believe lyrics have to be transparent and truthful to be decent, and I felt this was the perfect way to close our first full-length.

This is another one about my relationship, but it’s two sides of a coin, as all relationships are. There’s always ups and downs and extremes. In this case, no matter how much we fight, how much we’ve been through, I still wanna marry this person … just not today.

I guess that lyric felt really powerful to me because I’m saying “I love you, but you’re really pissing me off right now,” and it’s also saying, “I do want to marry you, I just can’t do that right now,” and I think a lot of people can relate to that. it felt like a truly honest way to end this album, and I hope it’ll leave the listeners wanting more.


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