We’re pleased to bring you the track by track for Casual Friday’s latest album Weekend Forever, which was released on July 21st. You can stream the album in full below, as well as purchase it here: Hidden Home Records | Counter Intuitive Records

The band vocalist/guitarist Zach Miller had the following to say about Weekend Forever



“Banger” is a track that took a little while to develop. I had written the verse for this song and we sat on it for a while before we had anything. I remember taking it to band practice one day to jam on it a little bit and I was feeling stumped about a chorus. Some of the dudes took a smoke break during practice and while they did that I sat on the couch in the living room trying to think of a chorus. After a few minutes of messing around, I was playing through the song and the chorus came out naturally, without missing a beat. How it is on the album is how it came out on the couch. I was so stoked I started screaming and demanded everyone get back on their instruments before I forgot what I played. I’m pretty sure the rest of the song followed that day.

Lyrically, the song is inspired by my frustration with our current political system. I find myself often annoyed with congress and congressional lobbying, especially when corporations are buying votes from Congressmen.

Direct Deposit

On a lighter note, “Direct Deposit” is named after everyone’s favorite day of the week (payday) but is absolutely not about to getting paid at all. I wrote the song about the iPhone’s tracking system that was implemented into iOS ichat and basically made up a hypothetical situation where two people in a relationship are tracking each other’s whereabouts only to realize that they don’t really know the other person because of it.


This is probably the oldest song on the record, written when I was still working as a Pool Guy (cleaning pools). My girlfriend would always tell me about how she had a fear of missing out on certain things so I wrote a song about it. I felt similarly when I was at working this job. Since I didn’t go to college I often felt like maybe I made a wrong decision. I was scared that maybe I would forever work a dead-end job, but luckily I don’t now and looking back I’m glad I did things the way I did.


The instrumentals on this song are very intentionally minimal. I wanted to write a song where the main focus was entirely on the vocal melody and that had an extremely catchy chorus. Justin and I were sitting on the same couch I mentioned earlier and I had an idea for a song about how I hated the beach. So in one or two sessions we managed to get out this song that was about my love for California and hatred for the beach. I’m really happy with the way that it came out because it’s feels driven as hell but still somber.

That Guy

This is my least favorite song on the record. I don’t know if that’s because it’s musically the most poppy song on the record, but I was inspired to write it because of the lyrical topic. I wasn’t worried about making super insane instrumentals for the song because I wanted the lyrics to be very easily received. The story of “That Guy” is something everyone can relate to I think and I just wanted to hit all of the cliches possible and what better way to do that then do it in the style of songs like “Teenage Dirtbag” by Wheatus and “Say It Ain’t So” by Weezer?


This song was written by Justin. He had recently broken up with his girlfriend and was living on the floor of my bedroom. He wrote this song while he was staying there and he told me the metaphor was inspired by the Dust that was sitting on my desktop computer that he was sleeping next to which I think is pretty funny haha.

Heavenly Blinders

This is the second oldest song on the record. When I was in 10th grade I went to this local church (where I met our bass player) and we had this pastor that everyone called PCH. He was a literal piece of garbage. When he asked what I wanted to do for a living, I told him I would love to play music and was planning on buying an amplifier, a van, and starting a band. His response was “Don’t do that, so many kids do that and fail and if you do that you will fail.” I will never forget him telling me that and how much I wanted to prove him wrong.

He ended up being a lying, manipulative person that conned many of my friends out of thousands of dollars. And he was the figurehead of this church. I couldn’t believe how such an awful person could be the spiritual leader for so many people so I wrote this song about him.

Seven years later, I own a van and work my dream job that enables me to tour whenever and however much I want.

Weekend Forever

The spirit and anthem of our band! Play tunes, rock out and travel the country playing DIY shows with all of your friends. This song is on the verge of being typical cliche pop punk but music really is one of my favorite things to do so I wanted to write a song about it.

Black Hole

I’ve never been much of an emotionally heavy person but I have seen many friends go through mental stress and/or traumas. I think part of why I tend to be so resilient to mental pressures is because of an existentialist mentality that I adopted after leaving the church. The idea that Nothing Matters wasn’t something that demotivated me as it would a Nihilist, but empowered me. I feel negative thinking is a habit and if you can break that habit you’ll be a happier person. It’s like a “Black Hole” that sucks you in and won’t spit you out. But if you have the willpower to change the way you think and let everything go, you may become a much happier person.

American Hurl

This is my Darkness/Andrew WK inspired guitar song that I wanted to have a true American rock feeling (in a satirical way). It’s definitely a joke song and I named it American Hurl because I thought it would be funny to write a song in homage to Tom Petty’s “American Girl” where the girl is actually just a drunk college dropout.

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