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Float Around is Coldfront’s debut full length on Equal Vision Records, and chronicles the band’s ups and downs over the last few years. On the album, drummer Michael Kelly shared: “I’m sure a lot of people who are close to us already know this but this band has faced more than our fair share of hurdles in our short existence. There were many times where I never believed we would be where we are now. That being said, I don’t resent or regret any of the struggles we’ve been through. I think it’s all led us straight into what Float Around has become; and that is the best version of Coldfront that we’ve seen yet. Float Around channels it all in to a collection of songs about love and life that paint an honest picture of everything we’ve become from day one to present. We have never been more proud of anything in our young lives. Thank you for being a part of it.”

You can read the band’s track by track of the album below, as well as purchase the album here.

Coldfront - Float Around


So Typical

This song is about finding clarity and peace of mind in the demise of a relationship. It can be a struggle but you will eventually realize that a breath of fresh air will be good for you.


Natalie is about dealing with your inner demons and the struggles you can go through in your own head when going through a breakup.

Everything You Want Me To Be

EYWMTB is a full circle story about getting dumped and having a hard time dealing with it initially but then coming to realize how much better you are without that toxic person in your life anymore, how you don’t need them back and how things will be better moving forward on your own.

It’s Hit Me

Ever fall for someone who you just know is bad for you but for some reason you just can’t help yourself? This song is about that one captivating stare that person can give you that pulls you back in to them before you even realize what’s happened.

Shut Eyes

This song shifts the blame in our narrative and starts to reflect on what you could have done better yourself to improve things and possibly save a relationship. “With shut eyes I see everything” refers to all the nights you spend laying awake in bed going over every situation in your head thinking about what could have been different.


Slip is about that point in the breakup where you realize they were holding you back. Finally knowing they were a crutch you had been leaning on for too long and that they were preventing you from developing your own self just by being there.

Float Around

Float Around is song about acceptance. It’s about looking around and seeing the mess you created with one another, and knowing that you’re two different people now. It won’t go back to how it was and that is okay.

Spit Me Out

Ever let someone just walk all over you to the point where you don’t even know why you’re doing it? That’s what this song is about – about that person who just continually takes advantage of you. You want them to just make it easier and put you out of your misery but it’s never that easy.

Blame Me

“But you can blame me if you wanna” is really saying – do what you need to do to accept this for your self but I’ve already put you in the past. The song is about shunning their effort to try to pull you back in because you know that the were the weight that held you back for too long already.


Paulie is a stand alone song that doesn’t really fit the theme of the others. It’s definitely the most personal song on the album. This is a song about dealing with a different kind of loss. It’s about losing a parent who was taken from you far too soon and learning to deal with that loss on an ongoing basis as you move forward in your life without them.

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