Dynamic Brit Rock quartet All Ears Avow are poised to lay down an impressive marker with the forthcoming release of their new EP, Edge Of This, out April 28th. You can purchase the EP here.

Track By Track

All Ears Avow - Edge of This
“Caged” is the opening track on our EP and it’s a guitar riff driven rock song about the sheep like state mankind has been in and encouraging people to think for themselves, stand up for what they believe in and what they want no matter who they are or what they look like.

“Gone” is next up, this one is a melodic emotive track about being lost in life and knowing you’re not the only one that feels that way but finding it difficult to believe.

Our current single “Hurricane” is about apathy and how self-destructive it can be. And that caring for yourself and others is what everyone and the world needs. “Give up your love it’s healing” meaning to share it not shut it away as people need it like an antidote to misery. Check out the video below.

“Just For Me” was our last single and it’s an electronic pop-rock number with a darker number edge. The track is about never being able to say no in a toxic relationship where you can’t get enough of someone but will never get what you want/need. We have a video for the track (watch below).

Next, we have “Edge Of This” which is almost a rock ballad. It’s about unconditional love and the ability to watch someone you care for never content in their own life, always making mistakes and always looking for more, but you’re there for them anyway as they find their way. “I’ve been standing on the edge of this just watching all the world unfold” – stepping back and not intervening until asked.

“The Middle” closes the EP and it’s a much darker song incorporating more electronic elements, as well as having a much heavier edge. It’s about being caught up in a situation where you can’t quite believe what’s happening, distinguish between right and wrong, or what’s real/true or not.


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