999’s Bish!Bash!Bosh! is out April 24 via Cleopatra Records. You can hear their track “Don’t Want to Know” with us first.

The new album features 15 original songs that crackle with energy, verve and inspired songwriting—featuring new classics “Crazy Tuesday World,” “Shoot,” “I Hate It All” and “My Dad Trashed My Submarine!”

In 2019, 999 celebrated 43 years together as a band. The reason for their longevity is not airplay, massive publicity or hype, but word of mouth and that “word of mouth” now extends to nearly every country on the planet.  

999 were first conceived in late 1976, when Nick Cash (vocals/guitar) and Guy Days (vocals/lead guitar), who were at school together, decided to form a group. Within a couple of months, they had teamed up with Jon Watson (bass) and Pablo Labritain (drums), and 999 were officially born. 

Their first gig was at the Northampton Cricket Club in January 1977. Interest in the band was immediate, and constant gigging around London brought with it critical acclaim and a hardcore following of supporters from Southall calling themselves “The Crew.”

These ranks were soon swollen by the Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Munich, Vienna, Zagreb, Stockholm, Oslo, Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Philadelphia, and San Francisco “Crews,” each proving as dedicated as the last.  

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