With a musical evolution spanning punk, goth, outlaw country, and psychobilly, A.A. Triggs has announced his cinematic, debut, solo album Sounds to Salve the Scarred and Scornful, out August 6 through A Redemption Arc.

New Noise are proud to premiere “Vipers” below:

Ten years ago, the Healdsburg, California-based musician slipped into a realm well beyond his origins as a street busker. The story goes that while he was living a transient existence—sleeping in his car and on the couches of thoughtful friends—Triggs started making beats, and he went on a successful music adventure as an in-demand EDM DJ.

Yet, nocturnal burnout and craving artistic freedom led him to escape from the clutches of the grind and the lifestyle. On his debut album, Triggs states:

“I’ve been a musician for 20 years. Making beats was a fun detour for me, but it turned into a job, and I felt like my ideas and emotions were stifled by the format. Making music like this is what I have always wanted to do. It felt scary, liberating, and cathartic—it felt like a homecoming.”

The single, “Vipers,” was the first song written for this project. Triggs explains:

“Sometimes you wake up, and you are surrounded by a situation that surprises you in a way you don’t like. This is basically what ‘Vipers’ is. Ten years in the electronic music industry had me feeling like a raw and exposed nerve when I wrote it. I don’t think you have to be in music to relate to it, though. Betrayal has to be one of the most universal feelings out there. One of the first three songs I wrote for this record, I believe.”

The tremolo-dipped guitars, layers of spooky B-movie electro-atmospherics, lumbering rhythm section, and reverb-drenched singing conjure Joy Division meets Johnny Cash in a black and white Western movie. Here, Triggs creepily croons the evocative lyrics, and his words sting with the harsh realities of the business.

Triggs wrote the album’s 16 songs and others in a fevered, eight-month burst in Los Angeles, and he tracked it there in the spirit of those manic, sleepless nights. Sounds to Salve the Scarred and Scornful marks the first time Triggs has written lyrics, chords, and melodies as a songwriter, and he played, sang, and programmed 90 per cent of the music.

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