Out July 10 via their debut record, American Advertisement, stream Advertisement’s “My World Now” with us first.

Stripped of any pretense of rock ‘n’ roll escapism, Advertisement’s debut, American Advertisement, reimagines what guitar-dominated music can accomplish. Emerging from the same PNW scene that gave us Milk Music and Gun Outfit, Advertisement quickly grew to become one of the underground’s must-see bands known for their elaborate, free performances that’d often feature six or seven members onstage.

After an acclaimed EP, tours with Sheer Mag, Protomartyr, and more, Advertisement join forces with producer Trevor Spencer (Chastity Belt, Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty) to bring us one the year’s most impressive, uncalculated and sprawling rock albums.

The band explain, “It takes serious influence from the stylings of writers like Roberto Bolano and W. G. Sebald, flipping through loose and chaotic scenes of an underworld filled with good time folks, lawyers, desperate desires to simply move from point A to point B —there’s an underlying sense of anxiety, that someone’s pulling the puppet strings, yet it’s left unclear who the villain is, who’s drunk and what they’re drinking. The song aims to depict a specific frame of mind, one that might lead to questions about what a future world might look like where our current comforts become obsolete, questions about what can be done with the claustrophobic excitement of city living.”

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