Buffalo’s Alpha Hopper have been around since 2014, making a frantic, messy variety of guitar rock, that won’t say no to a night out with punk, hardcore, new wave, or which ever genre (or hottie, or mark, or naive and corruptible young fool) catches their eye that evening. Their 3rd LP Alpha Hex Index, continues in the same sassy, snotty, bottomed out and dirty vein as the previous releases you’ve grown to know and love.

Their next LP drops courtesy of Hex Records on November 20, and you can check out a stream we are premiering of their latest song “In The Desert In The West” below:

So how does Alpha Hopper describe themselves without the aid of a professional such as myself? We’ll as an ice breaker, here is a little joke:

“A bartender, a personal trainer, a graphic designer, and an immigration attorney walk into a practice space…” 

For their latest album, Alpha Hopper decided to record the whole enchilada themselves, at home (just like Mom used to!). Pandemic-related quarantine requirements caused a few hiccups, but we’ll bet you’ll barely notice, as recording sessions were conducted in intervals when the members could safely get together and hash out their respective parts.

Once the band was happy with the mix they handed things over to that infernal engineer John Angelo (who has poured the guts into albums by Gwar, Every Time I Die, and Gas Chamber in the past and given them life!) for mastering and necromancy, or something like that.

Photo by Alpha Hopper.

Preorder Alpha Hopper Index here.


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