Track Premiere: Chelsea Lyn Meyer – ‘What You’re Doing to Me’

Independent alt-rock, pop punk musician and songwriter Chelsea Lyn Meyer (CLM) has released her latest single, the upbeat banger, “What You’re Doing To Me.”

CLM started her career as the front woman for the band 2AM, and following their disbandment, she began writing as a solo artist. She released her debut single back in 2014, working over the years to hone in on her own, unique sound.

CLM chats more about the new single, “What You’re Doing To Me” (or “WYDTM”), saying that it started with a lyric she wrote while driving one day, “I love the taste of your name on my tongue.” She elaborates, “As I was writing other songs, I kept coming back to that lyric, trying to find ways to make it fit in somewhere but the melodies just weren’t powerful enough for that line. So I decided to write a song based around those lyrics instead. That’s how ‘WYDTM’ started. The song is about that crazy physical and sexual attraction you can feel to someone when you first see them or connect with them, and navigating through those new feelings of want and need.”

CLM adds, “As a solo female pop punk artist, I really have to go into everything just ready to say, ‘This is who I am, this is what I want to say/express, and this is how I want to do things,’ and be totally confident in that whether I believe it or not.”

Check out the new single here:


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Photo courtesy of Chelsea Lyn Meyer

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