Chloe Mogg is a young singer and songwriter out of the UK. With a “parrot” hairdo and a can-do attitude, she beguiles audiences with her charm, quirky smile, and soaring, plangent vocals. With influences from Jeff Buckley, Nick Harper, Alanis Morissette and Marika Hackman to name a few, Chloe’s influences are wide, diverse, and adventurous.

Chloe is currently working on her debut LP which is set to drop sometime next year, in the meantime you can enjoy our premiere of her latest song “Attack” below:

On the inspirations for her new song, Chloe lend us the following insight:

“It’s about how I always felt I had to apologize in advance for my mental health and my disabilities. It’s my favorite release so far. It came from a dark place and has evolved into something that I’m so proud to share. It’s moody, theatrical and orchestral, and exactly how I imagined it to sound in my head.”

Disclosure: Chloe Mogg is a writer for New Noise.

Photo by Chloe Mogg.

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