Cult Power are a three-piece Toledo, Ohio band who blend “stadium rock, glam, blues, and riff rock” together into a gritty mix of nostalgic sounds with a modern rock twist. Made up of members from the band Secret Space, the group are no strangers to all things that rock.

Their apocalyptic-esque track “Velvet Wave” bridges the gap into the unknown with an inviting tone. Tom Martin, guitarist/bassist of the band, said the track had a “party-like” feel to it. Layered, silvery vocals and gritty guitar with reverb brings the track to heightened place of rock music. Poetic and refined, but still rough around the edges, “Velvet Wave” is a catchy earworm.

“I thought I’d juxtapose the dark feeling most of us had during the COVID-19 crisis with the most over-the-top fun lyrics I could write,” he said. “The chorus is also a tongue-in-cheek reference to getting our stimulus checks.”

Using the quarantine to their advantage, Cult Power challenged themselves to write and record the track remotely. Vocalist and guitarist Zach Ruetz said the group mix together “retro, glam, blues, and funk” with stoner rock and a bit of Prince to create their music.

“Toledo plays a big part in our sound as well,” Ruetz said. “I think our sound is a reflection of growing up here in the Midwest, in the city and seeing the effects of the post rustbelt deindustrialization. [We’re] trying to turn that into something you could dance to.”

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