Canadian punk legends Dayglo Abortions have announced their upcoming album Hate Speech, featuring the singles “White People,” “kill kill kill,” and “God is Love.”

Listen to the band’s latest single “Smart Food” below:

Hate Speech was recorded and mixed by Terry Palohek and Rob Lawless at The Physics Lab in Edmonton Alberta.

On the track’s release, the band states:

“This is song number four from the soon-to-be-released Dayglo Abortions album ‘Hate Speech.’ It is more along the lines of the irreverent humor that I am generally known for than the previous three songs have been, but as I am wanton to do, there is a tiny morsel of relevance woven into the second verse.

I should also note that Blind Marc was visiting his family on the day we recorded this one, so our friend Rob Lawless played drums on the beds, thinking Blarc would replace the drum tracks when he got back. Blind Marc being the way he is, listened to the beds with Rob on drums and said, ‘Hey, he’s already played them, and it sounds good, might as well leave them.’

So, just as easy as that, Rob gets the meagre thrill of playing drums on a Dayglo album. I hope this song is as entertaining for you to listen to as it was for us to record it because, to be honest, this one was not that easy to play.”

Purchase and stream “Smart Food” here.

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