From the darkest Avenue in Ventura, California come Detoxi with their new single “In Laughter,” the title track off their upcoming EP. It’s the follow up to last year’s full-length, First Flesh, which got rave reviews, leading to call them the “number 1 deathrock band you should be listening to right now! Unfortunately, the world shut down after the vinyl release of First Flesh, so instead of touring, they wrote and recorded the new EP.

The new single “In Laughter” is streaming everywhere January 15.   The three-song, 12-inch EP will have a limited press of 150 on virgin black vinyl, in handmade jackets with printed vellum artwork.

The first 50 orders will also receive the limited edition pink Detoxi/New Skeletal Faces split cassingle. 

Check out the premiere of Detoxi’s new single “In Laughter” below:

On the new single, Detoxi’s Derek Jennings offers the following:

“’In Laughter’ is an expression of levity in the face of absurdity. When our everyday lives are turned upside down and inside out sometimes our only means of validity is through love. Love is not a cartoonish notion of intoxication, nor is it some kind of divine intervention. Love is the lasting connection we make with others and nothing is as powerful, the laughter shared with one another.”

Photo by Kat Jennings.

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