“Stay High” is a brand-new single in a longstanding collaboration between Dragondeer and Color Red, entertainment platform and record label founded by Eddie Roberts of the international funk band The New Mastersounds.

The song presents a dual meaning—through the lyric “sacraments for you and me,” guitarist Cole Rudy reflects on using cannabis as a “sacrament,” especially for engaging in musical activities. Historically, the term “sacrament” is used in the Catholic church to describe a religious ritual or rite that ties into a blessing or divine grace. Spinning it in a secular sense and diving deeper than simply using cannabis, musicians are blessed with the opportunity to transmit unification through both those they are performing with on stage and those in the audience.

Music is a building block for community where you enter a room with strangers and, through rejoicing in similar vibrations, you can leave judgment behind and band together in the moment. 

“Since writing the song, for me, the meaning has shifted from less talking about the aforementioned ‘sacrament’ to more talking about utilizing the tools and opportunities that life sends our way (when we’re lucky enough to see them) and about fostering positive growth and unity within myself and my community by working every day to be a good human and to give back where and when I can. Through that philosophy and ushered by tenets of love and gratitude, I hope to raise my own spiritual vibration to a higher level and to encourage and contribute to that of others. ‘Stay High—the choice is yours. I prefer both,” says Rudy. 

Stream the song here. 


Addison is reviews and online news editor for New Noise. She specializes in metal, queer issues, and dog cuddles.

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