Track Premiere: ELM – ‘Shell Of A Man’

Out June 12 via Bronson Recordings, ELM’s The Wait is sludgy, stoner rock at its finest. Check out the track “Shell Of A Man” here.

“’Shell of a Man’ is a tale from the countryside, the place where we live: houses are clean, and gardens are perfectly shaped, but you can feel the tension growing. You better stay in your shell and just watch life, outside, passing by. The image of a man living with a shell in his back has a strong bound with the art of David Cronenberg and his work about mutations of human body.

Small towns in the countryside are obstinately the same wherever you go: loneliness, abjection, rage. From a godforsaken place somewhere in Northern Italy, ELM relay their stories using language and images of the American Bible Belt, a land of obsessed preachers and squalid moralism, the cradle of irredeemable alienation.

ELM manifest through sound visions of oil kins and preachers, hired killers, and quiet neighbors appearing like ghosts on a pitch-dark landscape made of old churches and dilapidated ballrooms, where one can smell the sopping moisture emanating from the swamplands at the edge of town.

In this, you could plant your roots and just flash another suspicious look, unable to escape a descending spiral that could only end by splitting yourself in two. Yearning to find the perfect ground on which to set their stories of love, death, sex, hate, lust, violence, and God, at the crossroad between now and then, halfway amidst exploited cliches and stark reality, between Jim Thompson and Cormac McCarthy, as two sides of the same coin, ELM welcome you to the delightful, Italian, forsaken suburbs.

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