FEDSMOKER present their latest single for your listening pleasure, “Splatter Pattern.”

FEDSMOKER are a three-piece, Northwest outfit featuring legacy members of the Northwest music scene. Comprised of drummer Benjamin Hall (Rot Monger and Honey Badger), guitarist Devon Jensen (Infrablaster, The Festering), and Scott Rozell (Sterileprayer, Scatterbox), the band are the result of months-long pandemic-cabin fever.

Right off the heels of their debut, self-titled EP released earlier in 2020, the band have returned with “Splatter Pattern,” the new single from their upcoming, split 12-inch coming in 2021.

FEDSMOKER’s music has a penchant for the sick. Mental illness, lack of preservation, and the urge to harm are at the forefront of the lyrical content of “Splatter Pattern,” telling the story of a drug trafficker’s large-scale drug deal before (and after) someone decides to make it his last.

The lyrics are led by Hall and Jensen’s crushing, groove-tinged grindcore/noise exchange to set the brooding, depressive tone.  The track as a whole is crushing, depraved, and a solid representation of the new material on the upcoming record slated for release in 2021 via Blackhouse Ltd.

“Ben and Devon are the masterminds behind the music itself,” says vocalist Scott Rozell. “They have been writing intense material for years now. When they get into a room together, it unfolds pretty quick and painless. I just get to tell stories about fucked-up experiences over it. Some of the things written are true, personal stories, and some are pulled from events that happened to other people in the news, etc. Whether they are of fiction or non-fiction on my own, personal account, you can be the one to guess on each given track.”

Image courtesy of FEDSMOKER

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