Track Premiere: Forming The Void – ‘Manifest’

Forming The Void’s “Manifest” is heavy, dark, and progressive and out May 8 via Ripple Music.

“‘Manifest’ is about having a passion, having a purpose, then going to war with it,” the band says. “It features an Oud intro. The Oud is a fretless, Middle Eastern lute which is an early ancestor of the guitar. Since our first album, we have wanted to incorporate one in a recording, and the droning-yet-melodic qualities of this song made it a natural fit. This song went through many stages of evolution from its early stages to its final form, and it embodies much of what we intended to achieve artistically on the album.”

For their new album, Reverie, the band seeks to further explore aspects of the sound they’ve shaped on their previous outings, guided by a desire to strike a balance between organic and intentional. The result is an album that reaches new levels of refined depth, mystical energy and cosmic transcendence.

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