Floridian punks Glazed are set to record a three-song LP, Chillogy, this summer, and in anticipation of its release in late-October, the band are releasing the new song, “Cheeseburgers.”

The band came together in 2013, as a group of childhood friends finding each other again, soon after literally banding together and establishing their pop-punk-inspired sound.

“I’ve struggled with identity my whole life, being a biracial person living in the Christian South, and I think this song lyrically captures that vulnerable existence well,” says singer Justin Belichis. “Maybe not specifically, but at least the voice inside everyone’s head that is rooted in the thought of being the receiving end of judgment. It’s the hardest song we’ve written.”

Belichis says that “Cheeseburgers” is a love letter to things the band likes—Weatherbox, Harry Potter ghosts, “a vibe I can only describe as the feeling listening to Chiodos gives someone, eating slices, and definitely not doing drugs.”

Guitarist Reid Johnson also weighed in, saying they kept making “Cheeseburgers” musically more ridiculous, in a sense.

“It felt like we were trying to write the hardest song to play live,” Johnson says. “There’s lots of noodly guitar layers, and it’s still hard for me to play this song a year after writing it. We really pushed ourselves, almost satirically poking at other bands in our scene. But I’m really proud of how it turned out. Definitely not your average Glazed song, but it’s a fun one for sure.”

Glazed are also scheduled to perform at The Fest later this year.

Check out the new song, “Cheeseburgers,” below:

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Photo courtesy of Glazed.

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