Baltimore, Maryland-based weirdo noise rock trio Gloop are preparing to release their third full-length album, Crayon Sun, out August 20 through Grimiore Records.

New Noise are proud to premiere “Shadows” below:

GLOOP was formed in 2016, in a basement in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, uniting vocalist/guitarist Dominic Gianninoto (Rhin), drummer Max Detrich (Big Weird), and bassist Blake Douglas (The Dead Monks). In 2018, GLOOP released their debut album The Tourist through Grimoire Records, who also released their second album, Smiling Lines, in 2019, the latter in collaboration with Buzzhowl Records in the UK.

Through their recordings and shows, GLOOP have continued to evolve their style while having a signature sound—angular, agitated guitars, driving drums, and wry, slightly askew lyrics. This is proven on the band’s incoming third album, Crayon Sun. The album finds the band diving into open tunings and a darker tone than previous albums, cranking out a dozen new songs in just over thirty minutes.

Crayon Sun was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Noel Mueller in the early months of 2021, with additional engineering by Blake Douglas, and the cover artwork handled by Max Detrich.

On the track’s release, vocalist/guitarist Dominic Gianninoto states:

“‘Shadows’ was one of the first songs we started working on for the new album while practicing in a storage unit. I started to mess around with a pitch-shifting pedal for the album and this was the first song I started to use it on.

It continued to evolve with the vocal phrasing coming together during the recording process. It quickly became a favorite of Noel’s (Grimoire Records) while we were recording Crayon Sun.”

Pre-order Crayon Sun here.

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